blog crush!

"You may not be able to see, but the crotch on my utility pants is pretty stinkin' low.
Every time I walked on this day, I felt my thighs uncomfortably rubbing against one another.
They were crying, "please, we just want some proper pants." I thought about lending more respect
to my body but at this point I don't even know where my real crotch is anymore...
The above photo may not look so bad from the front...

but the rear view is a real broom cracker. Know what I'm sayin, know what I'm sayin?"- TMR

i've always said that us ladies don't dress for men...
most men, my bf included really find half of what we drool over ridiculous.
tonight i came across THE MAN REPELLER + could not stop laughing.
the mix of hilarious commentary /wit /self deprecating humor = amazeeeeee.
if you haven't already- go check it out!


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